Ethics Case Studies

Ethics Case Studies

Q 1. It is a State where prohibition is in force. You are recently appointed as the Superintendent of Police of a district notorious for illicit distillation of liquor. The illicit liquor leads to many deaths, reported and unreported, and causes a major problem for the district authorities.

The approach till now had been to view it as a law and order problem and tackle it accordingly. Raids, arrest, police cases, and criminal trials – all these had only limited impact. The problem remains as serious as ever.

Your inspections show that the parts of the district where the distillation flourishes are economically, industrially and educationally backward. Agriculture is badly affected by poor irrigation facilities. Frequent clashes among communities gave boost to illicit distillation. No major initiatives had taken place in the past either from the government’s side or from social organizations to improve the lot of the people.

Which new approach will you adopt to bring the problem under control? [25 Marks,250 words]

  • The above problem can be tackled in following way
    1. Implementing prohibition law in letter and spirit.
      • Arresting people involved in it
      • Ensuring they are punished by Courts
      • Sealing distilleries
      • Constant vigilance by police
  1. Increasing awareness among public about ill effects of liquor.
    • Working with civil society and health workers
    • Conducting awareness camps in schools to deaddict adolescents or prevent them from becoming alcoholic.
  1. Working with other government department to fix development gaps.
    • Making agriculture profitable
    • Industrial development
    • Improving education levels by upgrading district education system.
  1. Providing meaningful avenue of engagement to youth.
    • Self-employment opportunities
    • Voluntary training
  1. Working to rehabilitation of alcoholic people.

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