Why we founded CIVIL'S IAS?

  • In this age of commercialization, there is a race to take credit for student success while there is no one to stand with them in their struggling times, when they need support the most and to guide them in the right direction. If you are also facing the same problem, you are probably right that CIVIL'S IAS is the right destination for your UPSC civil services exam preparation
  • Because the civil services examination is regarded as one of the most difficult in the world, there is no magic formula for success. Many times, it happens that the person getting IPS/IRS in one attempt couldn’t clear prelims in his/her next attempt
  • Training students for civil service examinations since 2013, we can say from our experience that success in the UPSC examination primarily depends upon your own hard work, perseverance, caliber, and attitude. Everything else, such as books, materials, websites, coaching classes, guidance etc., contributes just 10%
  • Thus, many students who have the ability to crack UPSC and other competitive government exams are misguided and can’t perform to their full potential and ultimately miss the exams by just a few marks year after year. These inconveniences faced by students have motivated us to do something for students' fraternity, so that they don’t waste their time running from one coaching class to another, accumulating stacks of notes, jumping from one website to another
  • There are lots of resources in the market, both online and offline, but very few of them cater to the demand of civil services examinations. To expose students to the right knowledge in a systematic manner, we have started CIVIL'S IAS Academy, which will save precious time, money, resources, and energy of students

How CIVIL’S IAS Is Best UPSC-IAS Coaching In India ?

Current Affairs [ News Coverage ]

  • Weekly Lecture along with Prelims [MCQs] and Mains [Answer Writing] Tests
  • Weekly Current Affairs Compilations
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis and Reading Approach
  • One year Current Affairs Revision Lecture before Prelims and Mains
  • Reason: 40-50 % Prelims Questions; 50-70 % Mains Questions


  • Weekly Current Affairs Test Series [MCQs And Answer Writing]
  • Ncert Test Series [MCQs And Answer Writing]
  • Target Prelims Test Series [MCQs]
  • Target Mains Test Series [Answer Writing]
  • Reason: Students Can Get Enough Practice Before Exams 


  • Experienced And Subject Expert Faculty
  • Our Faculty pool consists of Civil servants (Retired and Serving), Fulltime Subject experts, and Academicians from reputed educational institutes.
  • Motivational and Guidance sessions from serving and retired officers.
  • Each Faculty will have a minimum of 5 Years of Teaching Experience.
  • Reason: All Subjects are covered in an excellent manner


Student Development

  • Extra Curricular Activities such as Group Discussion , Quiz , Debates , Student Presentation , Academic Visit etc. to improve students confidence and increase their chances of clearing exams.
  • Two way communication between Student and Faculty in Classroom.
  • Regular Counselling and Mentorship to Students.
  • Regular interaction with UPSC Toppers.

Books / Materials

  • More than 100 Books / Materials / Compilations / Handouts etc. will be provided to Students.
  • Monthly Yojana Magazine
  • Weekly Current Affairs Compilations
  • Previous Year Papers Compilations
  • Reason: Students don’t waste their Time, Money, and Effort in search

Small Batch Size

  • The batch size will be limited to 30-35 Students.
  • Limited batch size to prevent overcrowding.
  • Well-built AC Library with Book issue facilities.
  • Silent and Peaceful environment for Study.
  • Reason: Faculty can give enough attention to students

Innovative Teaching Method

  • Lectures In 3 Stages: Building Basics, Regular And Revision.
  • Faculty Deliver Their Lectures Using Animation, PowerPoint, Video, Etc.
  • Each Lecture Will Be Followed By Class Handouts Consisting Of Questions For Prelims [mcqs] And Mains [answer Writing].
  • Students Must Write Summary Of  Lecture, Immediately After Conclusion Of Lecture.
  • Goal: Make Lecture Interesting, Effective For Exam And Easily Understandable.

Why should you join CIVIL'S IAS ?

  • At CIVIL'S IAS Lectures are designed to be Easily Understandable , Useful in exams, and presented in an Interesting way, which generates curiosity in students.
  • Lucid explanation of concepts covering Necessary Facts and Balanced Analysis, thus helping students to sail through all three stages of the examination.
  • We encourage aspirants to develop Officer Attitude  rather than spoon feeding them.
  • Our courses are designed according to the Latest Trends in Examinations, so we prepare students according to the actual demands of the exam.
  • We give equal importance to the Acquisition of Knowledge  as well as  its Application and Presentation in exams.
  • Our lectures are followed by a discussion and analysis of previous years' question papers to better understand UPSC's expectations.
  • Our batch timings are flexible, and we have provision for backup and revision lectures for each batch.
  • We have the Best, Enthusiastic and Dedicated Faculties with vast experience in civil services exam training.
  • We provide complete coverage of the syllabus in  both extensive and intensive ways with current affairs updates. Keeping in mind all the stages of the examination, so that students are well prepared for all the stages of the examination.
  • Personal Attention, Counselling, Mentoring, and Motivating each student.
  • We conduct  Weekly Tests (MCQ + Answer Writing) and assignments to evaluate students' progress, which increases their probability of getting into civil services.
  • Fee Concessions for serious and deserving students.
  • We have Limited Batch Size, so that we can give Personal Attention to each student.
  • Strictly  no dictation  in class.
  • AC Classroom equipped with Projector.

What is our Teaching Approach?

  • Breaking myth, it is great myth that to clear CSE you must read large no of sources and toil for long hours sacrificing almost everything, exams can be cleared in three simple steps Acquiring Knowledge : Reading NCERT Books and Reference Books + following NEWS
    Revising, Updating and Retaining Concepts
    Presentation : Solving Multiple Choice Questions + Practicing Answer Writing + Group Discussion
  • Helping students to understand the changing pattern of UPSC.
  • Helping Students to chalk out Action Plan , Paper wise Holistic Approach and Strategy for cracking Civil Service Examinations.
  • We give Daily Checklists / Essentials to students to aid their preparation.
  • We provide Model Answers for each question asked in Test, so that student can fetch maximum marks in CSE-Mains.
  • We teach students to
  • How to tackle question in exams?
  • During preparation how to concentrate on areas from where there is the highest probability of asking questions.
  • How to Revise and Retain Concepts?
  • How to Prepare Repeated Questions?
  • What are the Probable topics from which question can be asked?