Year 2020

POLITY And GOVERNANCE [12 Questions]

Q-1 )   If a particular area is brought under the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which one of the following statements best reflects the consequence of it? 
  1.  This would prevent the transfer of land of tribal people to non-tribal people. 
  2.  This would create a local self-governing body in that area. 
  3.  This would convert that area into a Union Territory. 
  4.  The State having such areas would be declared a Special Category State. 


Ans: (a)


Land Governance under the fifth Schedule area:
  1. Governor can make regulations with regard to the:
    1. Prohibition and restriction of transfer of land from and between Scheduled Tribes– almost every State in the country, and certainly all States with Scheduled Areas, have enacted legislations relating to prevention/prohibition of land transfer in Scheduled Areas by tribals to non-tribals, and in some cases, even the transfer of land between tribals inter-se is restricted. Hence, option (a) is correct.
    2. Regulation of allotment of land to tribals in Scheduled Areas. 
    3. Regulation of moneylending in Scheduled Areas to tribals.