Why is India taking a keen interest in the Arctic region?

Why is India taking a keen interest in the Arctic region? 

भारत आर्कटिक क्षेत्र में गहरी दिलचस्पी क्यों ले रहा है?

[10 Marks ; 150 Words ; 15 Mins] [CSE-2018; GS 1; Society]



  • Arctic region is located near north pole and is perennially ice covered.



  • But in recent times due melting of glaciers, icebergs etc. in arctic region. it has offered some opportunities to world.
  • India is also working hard to tap the opportunities in following way.
    1. Opening of sea route in Arctic will connect Asia and north Europe. This route can be explored by India shipping industry for trade.
    2. Energy security – Petroleum and Natural Gas potential.
    3. Role in developing Ports and Harbour.
    4. Conservation of Arctic
      1. Melting of ice will increase mean sea level.
      2. Intensification of Global Warming.
    5. Make Arctic region globally accessible.



  • India should not only be interested in tapping economic resources of arctic region but also actively work with other countries in its conservation.

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